Actus4 is an advanced Video/Audio Recording platform that lets you record from any number of sources 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The system can capture video feeds and services from various sources, and serves as a base for Actus' advanced modules.

Actus VIEW
Actus View - For Broadcast Recording and Media Monitoring
Actus View is an enhanced video recording solution which offers capturing of any number of audio and video channels at any bitrate or frame-size, content archiving and extraction, bookmarks, annotation, transcoding and delivery management all in a single solution, accessible from any computer in the organization.

Actus Rating Analyzer 
Actus Rating Analyzer provides a clear graphical view of all rating information, yours and competition, along with the actual broadcast media. The clear rating and demographic data display allows you to get an easy at-a-glance information from all numbers and charts received from the rating companies.

Actus Clip Factory 
Actus Clip Factory is a powerful product capable of automating your video transcoding workflows, enhancing your media with metadata, whether it is broadcast TV, radio, CCTV, or any other video or audio source.

Actus AdWatch - Automatic Content Detection & Ad Tracking
It is a flexible platform that enables advertising agencies, content producers, distributors and regulators to verify content airing according to plan - either on local channels or by affiliates located remotely.

Actus QualiTV - Remote Broadcast Verification & Monitoring
QualiTV allows you to monitor one or more remote capture locations, recording multiple channels at each location. You can monitor and manage them from afar, using a single, centralized user interface, greatly cutting manpower and operational costs involved in having a monitoring operation on every site.