AV Systems Integration

Techtel provides customized audiovisual and broadcast video solutions of various scopes and sizes to enterprises, entertainment and sports, education, health and government organizations in Asia-Pacific region.

LED Cabinet
Whether your video screen is indoor or outdoor, big or small, Techtel will help you choose the best LED cabinet option for your requirements. We guide you all the way through the selection process to offer the best possibilities for your audience and playout essentials, as well as capital and operational expenditure considerations.

Because every surface is different, careful planning and consideration is required to get the screen installation right, often involving custom steel fabrication. Techtel has the knowledge and expertise to install video screens in different types of environments. All our sub-frames are engineer certified, which is key to ensuring your screen is completely quality assured.

Video Processing
LED screens vary greatly in their shapes and sizes, and so does the video you want to display. For your screen to look prominent and video content to project well, a paired video processor is required to manage the content your audience sees. This is an important part of the screen installation project which is often overlooked. At Techtel, we provide video processors for various display arrays - from a single indoor screen to lighting up the entire surface of the Sydney Opera House.

Creative Services
If you aim to make a first striking presence, and think that playing existing material won’t make that “splash”, Techtel’s creative services will help you generate the content you need for maximum impact. At Techtel, we can produce anything from simple graphics through to full length videos - all as a part of our turnkey integrated solution.

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