Australia's flagship current affairs program goes on air at ABC's first live HD studio

The 7:30 report, ABC’s flagship news and current affairs program, has gone live to air in what is the ABC’s first Live HD Studio, featuring brand new studio and control rooms with widespread use of automation and robotic systems, integrated with the latest software solutions. This transformation comes as the next step of a multi-year project - integrated, managed and supported by Techtel, covering ABC news studios nationwide and involving a global range of strategically chosen software and hardware technology partners, including Telemetrics, Cuescript, Apantac, Vizrt, TV Logic, Yamaha, Panasonic and others.


Techtel enables delivery of Digital TV channels in PNG via a new DVB-T2 Transmitter

Techtel, Australia’s leading broadcast systems integrator has commissioned a transmitter system for Digital Terrestrial TV in Papua New Guinea for a local service provider, enabling the delivery of more than 30 additional services for its subscribers in Port Moresby, over two newly added transport streams.

The DVB-T2 system itself incorporates power amplifiers based on LDMOS transistors technology characterized by high power density, allowing very high efficiency. Furthermore, it integrates a modulator that covers the main TV and Radio spectrums, equipped with the latest technology in signal processing allowing Digital TV signal broadcasting with the highest quality and reliability. The integrated transmitter is compatible with both single frequency (SFN) and multiple frequency (MFN) networks, a result of Egatel’s system’s configuration flexibility. In addition, the new DVB-T2 system features integrated digital adaptive pre-correction for easy commissioning and testing requirements; and flexible configurations accommodating various redundancy scenarios.

As a part of its integrated offering, Techtel supplied, installed, commissioned and tested a new 600Wrms (2+1) DVB-T2 transmitter system by Egatel, as well as seamlessly integrating the platform into Port Moresby’s existing transmission facilities by adding a new RF combiner with two narrow-band and one wide-band inputs. The combiner and its internal filters have been custom designed and fine-tuned to accommodate for four adjacent RF channels compliant with PNG RF spectrum allocations for broadcasting of DTV services. After comprehensive testing, Techtel’s integration team were able to achieve exceptional RF signal performance with shoulder value measured over 49dB, and MER value of higher than 35dB. 

Mal Chandler, CEO of Techtel says: “We are proud to enable PNG’s largest service provider deliver a state of the art DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial Television System resulting in the expansion of broadcast network coverage citywide.  Egatel is continuing to demonstrate to the market that they are a reliable and trustworthy partner who together with Techtel will offer the region a better value option for many years to come.”

Techtel is an established provider of digital TV broadcasting transmitters with many other channels powered by Egatel in service in the Asia-Pacific market.


Broadcast Asia Digest

Thank you for visiting us at Broadcast Asia last week. We hope you found our time together valuable, and would like to provide a synopsis of our valued partners and their offerings, which we have carefully selected for you:


Also, a big congratulations to Mr. Ismali Ali from Mediacorp on winning a pair of BOSE QuietComfort Headphones in our lucky draw dip for confirmed meetings at Broadcast Asia:


And a big Thank You to LYNX Technik AG - Techtel is proud to receive an award from the ccompany for being a long-term supporter of their technology. Pictured Joehan Tohkingkeo with Mal Chandler, Techtel CEO


Channel 9 Chooses Techtel to Transform their Digital Preservation Practices and Leverage Genetic Diversity in Storage

(Singapore, 18 June 2018) Nine Network (“Channel 9”), Australia’s largest commercial free-to-air television network selected Techtel as the systems integrator of choice to develop a seamless interface between their Media Asset Management (MAM) platforms and deep storage across their news and production studios and playout centre at two different locations.  This transition will make Channel 9 the first Australian broadcaster to switch from a traditional HSM (Hierarchical Storage Manager) architecture to an on-premise Spectra Logic object storage solution, enabling the company to significantly reduce asset restoration times, utilise genetically diverse media and separate their storage geographically – all via one purpose-built and highly flexible solution.

Developed by Spectra Logic, the BlackPearl® Converged Storage System allows for data storage on multiple targets, including Spectra LTO tape libraries and disk, and multi-site replication for data protection and MAM redundancy. Coupled with a new and seamless integration with Imagine Communications’ Nexio® Motion™ workflow and media management system, as well as combining with Avid Interplay’s existing BlackPearl client, the Spectra Logic system provides a new, long-term storage solution to preserve Channel 9’s persistent data, which is growing from 5PB.

In addition, the newly integrated content management system is expected to lower storage costs by reducing the overhead of multiple software and hardware systems running independently, as well as cutting out the need for multiple vendors and middleware.

“Living in the age of highly sophisticated cyber threats and where digital content outlasts its storage technology, it is critical to have a failsafe storage solution in place, which is also scalable across its capacities, technologies and interfaces. We are confident that Techtel is the ideal broadcast technology systems specialist to provide the optimal mix of hardware, software and integration expertise to serve this purpose,” said David Bowers, CTO Channel 9.

Mal Chandler, CEO of Techtel says: “By entrusting Techtel, Channel 9 can store their data with a greater sense of confidence knowing that their solution is growth-enabling, redundant and genetically diverse.  This project illustrates our unique position to independently choose strategic partners and their technology, and deliver the critical project management, commissioning and support that our customers expect.”

Media Contact:
Nadia Hardiwidjaja
M: +65 9011.8294

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Apantac T# Multiviewers Selected by Australian Broadcasting Corporation, installed by Techtel at twelve studios throughout Australia

Apantac, an internationally recognized manufacturer and pioneer of cost-effective yet feature-rich multiviewers announces that its TAHOMA T# Multiviewers are being installed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for its nationwide news studio technology upgrade.

For this turnkey systems integration project, Apantac worked with leading independent Australian broadcast technology systems specialist, Techtel. Through the partnership with Techtel, an extensive line-up of Apantac’s T# Multiviewers are being installed in ABC control rooms at all twelve studios throughout Australia.

Specifically, Apantac developed an interface between its T# Multiviewers and the Grass Valley Karrera K-Frame switcher housed at each studio. This software integration provides a level of communication between the switchers and the multiviewers that streamlines the synchronization between the two systems. The integration allows the T# Multiviewers to sync directly with the K-Frame, so that all source, UMD naming and labels as well as auxiliary source setting changes on the switcher are automatically populated on the T# multiviewer output windows. This ensures that the monitor wall driven by the Apantac T# multiviewers and fed by the switcher is automatically updated with display information that is continually updated as switching events occur.

The T# Multiviewers are considered one of the most flexible and versatile Multiviewers on the market today. With the T#, a facility can build the Multiviewer that they need by choosing from a selection of input and output boards, or from a selection of pre-configured models. Plus, one can mix & match a variety of signal types (SDI, HDMI, IP, Fiber, HDBaseT and more) for multi-image display processing and monitoring on displays, without any external conversion. T#’s unique and high bandwidth universal mid plane architecture allows any type of future format to be added by simply plugging in a new hot swappable input board, making it truly future-proof.

“Working with the Apantac team has been an excellent example of flexibility working in a turnkey technology environment, seamless integration with a variety of solutions, as well as a commitment to providing the customer with an advanced solution to meet their needs,” comments Mal Chandler, Techtel CEO.

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GB Labs launches intuitive "Easy LTO" range

GB Labs presents EASY LTO

IT organizations are facing an incredible challenge keeping up with their company's storage growth demands. Enterprise Strategy Group in their 2015 Data Storage Market Trends report found that 53% of respondents at the organizations they surveyed are experiencing annual storage growth rates of 10%-40% and 25% are dealing with astronomical numbers in excess of 50% growth. Advanced LTO-7 tape technology allows you to handle even the toughest challenges of long term storage with 15TB of compressed data and 6TB uncompressed digital data per cartridge, however most locally attached LTO’s are not a shared resource and are incapable of being used over a network.

Easy LTO

Introducing EASY LTO from GB Labs, the network attached all in one backup and archiving solution designed for everybody. Incredibly intuitive, EASY LTO supports accelerated throughput at 300 Mbps and advanced security with the inclusion of TAR and LTFS and the ability to exchange files with any other standard LTO system. 

Already using LTO, but want to work with Easy LTO? There’s even built-in support for importing entire catalogs from third party vendors, so migrating from your old system to Easy LTO is a breeze. GB Labs Snapshot backup is built-in and allows you to keep an ongoing automated backup of your most important systems. Create a backup tape set and add tapes without limit. Handling storage growth demands of 20%, 30%, 50% and more are all manageable. Time to take control of your company’s long term storage demands with EASY LTO by GB Labs.


GB Labs presents Easy LTO Easy LTO Key Features :-

Advanced LTO Manager Software
LTFS and TAR Intergration
Support for LTO6 and LTO7
8TB to 30TB of Internal Data Storage Option
Dual 10Gb/1gb Ethernet Connection


About GB Labs

From Archive to Online Storage, GB Labs is the leader in Video Shared Storage innovation for the media and entertainment industry with groundbreaking products like our unique hybrid disk technologies (Hyperspace & Nitro) we apply decades of industry experience and outperform all competitors. Let us prove it. Trusted and used by Reuters, Sony Pictures, Formula E, BBC, Nissan and many more organisations, GB Labs is known for safe, secure, reliable, a ordable and most importantly FAST products that allow you to work at the speed of creation. To do your best work you need technology that doesn’t get in the way. Technology that supercharges your efforts and safeguards 

Marquise Technologies to provide first look at IMF-TV with ProRes at NAB

Geneva, Switzerland, 18.04.2017 – Marquise Technologies, a Swiss-based developer of high-end, post-production solutions will showcase at NAB 2017 a draft IMF Application based on Apple ProRes.
Television today is not just about receiving content for transmission, it is also about producing and selling content worldwide. Exchanging and managing the multiple versions of programming needed for this expanded business model must be done efficiently, both technically and financially.
The advantages of IMF workflows are well documented in theatrical post-production, but IMF adoption in television has been very limited so far. Broadcasters have very different distribution paths and often work on tighter schedules. Furthermore, many broadcasters currently use ProRes for both long-term conservation and as a mezzanine format.
Therefore a new IMF Application — more oriented towards the specific needs and workflows of broadcasters — is needed.
Last year, the European Broadcast Union (EBU) started an IMF-TV workgroup, led by the BBC’s Andy Quested.  This group studies the applicability of IMF for the main broadcaster use cases.
 “There was no need to reinvent the wheel,” says Andy Quested. “IMF already closely aligns with broadcaster needs for mastering and versioning for international exchange. Also many of the new proposals are a 1:1 fit with broadcaster requirements.  What we want to do is literally sit the IMF workflows on top of our existing content infrastructures, which is why we are looking at a new Application.”
EBU's Hans Hoffmann, Head of Media Fundamentals and Production Technology, stated: "We are very supportive of IMF as a mastering format. The principles developed in the cinema industry are equally applicable in broadcasting, hence the work we are doing in the EBU IMF-TV group."
Marquise Technologies, a member of the IMF-TV work group, will demonstrate these new IMF-TV workflows, from mastering an IMF package in ProRes to the creation of multiple deliverables (including AS-11 DPP and iTunes packages), at their booth at this year’s NAB.
 “We are leading the implementation of IMF for mastering and QC solutions, not only by adding the latest specifications for the Studio Profile or the Cinema Mezzanine Apps, but also by being the first to support OPLs and sidecars,” adds Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technology. “We know how critical it is for a film lab, a studio or a broadcaster to manage multiple versions (intermediaries and finals) of content, and we see the IMF not just as another format, but also as a protocol. Working with the EBU on using IMF for broadcast workflows and extending IMF implementations with ProRes support are the continuity of our work in that domain.”

Telestream and Unified Streaming Join Forces to Offer Industry-Leading Enterprise Streaming Capabilities

Combination offers unprecedented scalability with extended format and DRM support

Nevada City, California, April 18, 2017 – Telestream®, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Unified Streaming, a pioneer of smart video streaming technologies. This agreement allows Telestream to offer Unified Streaming’s Origin as an option to its Lightspeed Live Stream system to provide an industry-leading, all-in-one streaming solution with extended format and DRM (Digital Rights Management) support.

The combined solution provides just-in-time packaging of Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streams (HDS), Apple HTTP Live Streams (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streams (MSS) and MPEG-DASH formats, coupled with the most comprehensive DRM support available. With sophisticated server-side ad insertion capabilities, broadcasters and content owners no longer have to worry about ad-blockers cutting into online revenue.

“Unified Origin is an industry standard well known to the major CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), and we’ve worked closely with the Unified team to create a tight integration with our Lightspeed Live Stream encoder,” said Paul Turner, VP of Product Management at Telestream. “Customers can be assured that the performance, scalability, and flexibility of our combined offering will be the absolute best in the business.”

The number of players, DRM systems, codecs, and protocols in use creates an enormous matrix of possibilities that an origin server must respond to, at scale, in real time. “Both Telestream and Unified Streaming have a reputation for building bullet-proof systems that can be trusted and relied upon by the largest broadcasters and CDNs in the world 24/7/365. This partnership builds on those reputations while offering our customers exciting new capabilities to enhance their revenues,” said Turner.

As part of the integration, Telestream’s Lightspeed Live Stream encoder sends an enhanced, high-quality, multi-bitrate common base format to Unified Origin. This enables the Origin to create any type of playout package required including encryption or DRM in real time, on demand.

“We’re happy to be partnering with Telestream to deliver such a high-quality solution. It allows us to offer a best of breed solution with a single point of contact,” said Simon Westbroek, VP Global Sales at Unified Streaming. “Lightspeed Live Stream is an incredibly powerful streaming encoder with a small footprint that pairs perfectly with our Origin.”  

The option with Unified Origin will be showcased at NAB on the Telestream booth (SL3316) and the Unified Streaming booth (SU9624). It will be available from Telestream and its global network for resellers as of May 1st, 2017.

- See more at:

A Star Is Born - Omnitek Debut Ultra TQ Broadcast Waveform Rasterizer at NAB 2017

BASINGSTOKE, UK. April 13th 2017 – Omnitek, specialists in Test & Measurement and IP & Design Services for the video industry, will launch its new Broadcast Waveform Rasterizer, which will be previewed at NAB this year. The Ultra TQ can be seen on Booth C7915 in the Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center from 24th to 27th April.

The Ultra TQ builds on the success of the Ultra platform and is fully equipped waveform rasteriser for the broadcast market. The Ultra TQ inherits functionality from the highly successful Ultra 4K Tool Box and the Ultra XR products to provide an unrivalled comprehensive set of tools to support broadcasters with the challenges posed by HDR and WCG production.


The Ultra TQ supports analysis and generation of all SD, HD and 3G-SDI formats as standard with an upgrade path to 4K/UHD if needed. It is aimed at broadcast production, engineering, outside broadcast, operations and control rooms that require the comprehensive tool set that is offered as standard.

The Analyser instruments within the Ultra TQ include Picture, Waveform monitor, Vectorscope, gamut meters, full audio monitoring and loudness measurement, video timing, video / audio status monitoring, event logging and closed caption logging as standard.

The Picture monitor provides a high-quality HD display with closed captions overlay, safe area cages and O-Zone TM (Omnitek’s false colour display for HDR and SDR production).

The full resolution Waveform monitor can display YCbCr or YRGB and provides full horizontal & vertical zoom of single, multiple or all line displays. Analysis can be made of full frame video or Region of Interest.

Audio Meters display 16 audio channels with industry standard ballistics and scales. Loudness Meter supports ITU-R BS.1770 and EBU RP 128 to allow program or continual loudness logging.

Ultra TQ provides full logging of all physical and functional parameters of the video signal against timecode, ideal for program QC and Compliance.

The integrated line test pattern generator allows the generation of 38 line-patterns. This can be upgraded to a full test pattern generator with a range of moving and static zone plates and test sequences.

Physical layer analysis and advanced physical layer analysis are available as options for use anywhere signal integrity needs to be checked.

Omnitek will continue to roll out new functionality on its Ultra family of products with its established customer base with 4K/UHD / 12G-SDI equipment manufacturers and 4K/UHD/HDR post production houses.

The NAB software release for the Ultra family adds full audio and loudness monitoring, enhanced high dynamic range analysis and other functionality. This builds on the recent V3.2 release which added Omnitek’s O-Zone TM false colour display for HDR and SDR material, closed caption / subtitle display and full timecode based logging of events.

Rob Arnold, Head of Worldwide Sales at Omnitek, commented “We’re really excited to be launching the new Ultra TQ at NAB only just a year after the successful launch of the Ultra XR. The Ultra TQ is a clear indication that Omnitek’s proven track record for leading-edge test & measurement equipment is maintained. Our engineers’ experience, spread over the past 16 years, enables us to provide fully comprehensive and sophisticated solutions for real-world customer requirements at product launch.”

NewTek Introduces TriCaster® TC1 – The First Affordable End-to-End 4K IP Video Production System

NewTek Introduces TriCaster® TC1 – The First Affordable End-to-End 4K IP Video Production System

—16 inputs and output resolutions up to 2160p60 with no compromises—

San Antonio, TX, April 6, 2017—NewTek today announced TriCaster® TC1, the culmination of more than a decade of IP video experience for live production, with uncompromising support for 4K UHD switching, live streaming, recording, data-driven graphics, virtual sets, social media publishing and more. Continuing innovation around the iconic product that has defined an industry, TriCaster TC1 supports 16 external inputs of up to 4K UHD 60p resolution without sacrificing functionality. Powered by NewTek’s NDI™ technology for IP-based workflows, TriCaster TC1 also offers multiple studio-grade Skype TX channels for adding remote video guests to live shows.

NewTek’s TriCaster TC1 and IP Series systems, now also 4K-capable, will be on display at NAB 2017 Booth #SL5016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 24-27, 2017.

IP Makes 4K A Reality Today
NewTek’s software-driven, IP-native approach to 4K eliminates the need for conversion to and from baseband video, allowing all integrated features including video playback, mix/effect busses, keying layers, and streaming to be 4K-capable without limiting the number of available resources. TriCaster TC1 has 16 inputs available, regardless of video resolution, and NewTek’s top of the line IP Series now offers 44 external inputs in 4K UHD without sacrificing functionality.

“Working with IP video makes you feel like you are living in the future, today,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek’s president and CTO. “Once you have it, you can’t imagine going back. It enables so many new ways of working and greatly simplifies infrastructure. It also makes things like live streaming even easier. I can’t imagine anyone buying a product today that isn’t capable of delivering content to all of the places the viewers want to watch.”

Live Streaming and Publishing of Recorded Content
With the explosion of online and mobile video, broadcasters and content producers need a way to stream live and encode/publish video to social media quickly and easily. Whether you need to go live for breaking news or post recorded video clips that viewers can see on demand, TriCaster TC1 handles it all. Users can stream directly to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Microsoft Azure, Periscope, Twitch, and other streaming sites, or deliver video clips directly to social media sites right from the TriCaster TC1 interface.

The Most Complete Solution
It’s not just the ability to deliver content that makes TriCaster TC1 so special. It is truly a production powerhouse with an unbelievably rich feature set that typically requires 4 or 5 other devices to accomplish in traditional baseband video workflows. With built-in video servers, macro automation, advanced chroma-keying, ISO-recording, replay, and more, TriCaster TC1 ideally suits broadcasters, sports, esports, educational organizations, corporate entities, houses of worship, event producers and digital video teams looking to get the most production power with high-quality content delivery in a single system.

Integrated Skype TX
A new feature with TriCaster TC1 and IP Series is integrated multi-channel Skype TX integration. NewTek is the only company to offer this functionality in a live production system in the world. Any one of the TriCaster TC1’s 16 external inputs can be designated for live, broadcast-quality Skype video calling, giving producers the capability to reach any one of the 300 million monthly active users of Skype and deliver a pristine HD video call with balanced audio. With studio-ready call control from an external laptop or workstation running the Skype TX controller application, calls can be configured and monitored without impacting the TriCaster TC1 operator’s workflow. Other active call channels from NewTek TalkShow® systems can be managed from the controller for additional call capacity and streamlined management.

A World of Connectivity
Like its predecessors, TriCaster TC1 is an integrated solution, however, TC1 is also very capable of connecting to the bigger IP universe. With native integration of NewTek’s NDI™ technology, TriCaster TC1 connects to the most prolific IP-based ecosystem in the industry, networking seamlessly with compatible products from hundreds of manufacturers and developers. This means that many connections to both NewTek and third-party products from TriCaster TC1 will be direct via IP without any baseband video connections.

NewTek Connect Line
In addition to TriCaster TC1’s onboard SDI I/O, customers have the option to configure the number of physical SDI connections based on need with the NewTek Connect line of connectivity and productivity products. With versatile functionality ranging from SDI to IP video conversion and I/O channel expansion, to 4K UHD connectivity and IP interoperability, along with video recording, monitoring, and scopes, NewTek Connect solutions seamlessly integrate with TriCaster TC1 and IP Series to deliver the workflow required. Customers can add NC1 IN modules each with 4 SDI inputs, and/or NC1 I/O modules that provide 8 SDI inputs or outputs. The NC1 I/O module can also be configured for quadlink 3G-SDI delivering 2 channels of 4K UHD video.

Optional Redundant Power & Control Panels
Customers have the option of a 2RU unit or a 3RU unit with redundant power and a choice of two control panels providing complete command of the advanced capabilities and functionality of TriCaster TC1.

TriCaster TC1 Key Features

  • Switching, streaming, and recording in 4K UHD, with support for video formats up to 2160p60, along with 3G, HD, and SD resolutions
  • 16 external inputs with any combination of SDI, NDI, IP, or Skype TX
  • 4 Mix/Effects busses supporting separate mixes, keying layers, virtual sets, compositing, and more
  • Multi-channel ISO recording to full-resolution QuickTime® and H.264 files for VOD, post-production, and archive
  • Dual-channel live streaming to Facebook Live, Microsoft® Azure®, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube™ Live, and more
  • Real-time export for social media sharing to Facebook, Imgur, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and more
  • Integrated video servers allowing playback, replay, and live editing without additional hardware
  • Powerful production automation with custom macro commands, sophisticated full-motion compositing, and flexible control options
  • Advanced audio mixing with multi-source configuration and control, professional DSPs, and 4x4x4 channel routing
  • Premier creative capabilities, including multi-bus mix effects, animated titles and transitions, advanced chroma keying, spectacular live virtual sets, and more
  • Over one hundred operator centric features to maximize efficiency in video production including, PTZ camera control, 4x4x4 audio matrix router and mixer, DANTE and AES 67, animated buffers, and more.

Bridge Technologies Addresses New Classes Of User With Uniquely Portable Probe for Monitoring and Managing IP Networks

At IBC 2016, Bridge Technologies launched NOMAD, a unique, innovative and affordable tool for anyone tasked with managing, supporting and optimising IP networks and hybrid networks with RF signals. 

A highly portable, self-contained and versatile network probe, NOMAD covers all the monitoring requirements of hybrid IP multicast, OTT and RF networks, and provides every conceivable interface for media signal monitoring and analysis with Gigabit Ethernet, ASI In/Out, DVB-C QAM cable, DVB-T/T2 COFDM terrestrial, DVB-S/S2 satellite signals with even advanced external 1PPS GPS time-reference. It is specifically designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of those who do not have an in-depth understanding of moving content over IP.

As well as broadcasters and network operators, potential users could include corporate facilities managers responsible for a videoconferencing network; retail, leisure and hospitality professionals who manage IPTV systems; or those in the defence industry charged with ensuring the timely and accurate distribution of video within and between vehicles. Through its unparalleled ease of use, NOMAD provides novice users with instant understanding of the behaviour of any OTT network.

“NOMAD is the culmination of our 12 years of experience in designing the ultimate probe functionality for network monitoring and analysis; it includes everything we know about IP and RF,” said Simen K. Frostad, Chairman, Bridge Technologies. “Within the company, our brilliant engineers refer to it as the Swiss Army knife of digital media, containing everything a user could need in almost every conceivable circumstance. And, like the Swiss Army knife, it can be a constant companion – on a user’s desk or in a user’s bag. We see endless possibilities for it, and expect NOMAD to take us into channels and markets in which we have not previously participated.”

The unit is also a Wi-Fi zone; by pointing a laptop towards NOMAD, it is ready for use without further configuration, representing the ultimate in ease of set-up. This capability also makes NOMAD a completely self-contained, autonomous solution without the need for an external host system. 

NOMAD is characterised by its small size and light weight (around the size of two tablets one on top of the other) making it extremely portable. It is also distinguished by its outstanding aesthetics: NOMAD is cut from a single block of high quality aluminium, CNC-milled to a precision of 10 microns with laser-engraved logotypes. 
Recessed rubber feet make it appear to hover 0.2mm above a surface. 

It is also rugged and capable of being deployed in the harshest, most challenging environments. This is a function of its uniquely durable construction, together with cooling that ensures heat from its powerful processors is dissipated via the aluminium chassis.

NOMAD can also be left unattended, with its alarm-triggered recording facility (32GB of Flash memory is included) meaning that errors can be captured for later analysis.

Built in to NOMAD is Bridge Technologies’ patented MediaWindow™ user interface, giving easy visibility into, and understanding of, packet streams, providing unequalled simplicity of confidence monitoring. NOMAD can be simply accessed via any web browser.

Telestream Acquires UK-based QC Specialist Vidcheck

Integration of best-in-class Vidcheck file-based QC technology enhances Telestream’s product portfolio

Nevada City, California, 5 September, 2016Telestream®, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced the acquisition of UK-based Quality Control (QC) technology specialist, Vidcheck. Established in 2009, Vidcheck is recognized as a leading developer in automated QC solutions within file-based production workflows. Its system solutions are used by broadcasters, facilities and content owners worldwide, such as ITV, BBC, CBS and many others. The privately funded acquisition is complete and the new combined company will take its bow at IBC (stand 7.B26).

In recent years, Vidcheck QC technology has enjoyed significant commercial success, especially in European markets. Vidchecker, the company’s flagship product, is the gold-standard for file-based automated QC with correction and sales have shown strong and sustainable growth for a number of years. Similarly, Telestream’s Vantage media processing platform has maintained rapid worldwide sales growth for the last six years. Telestream will build on Vidcheck’s success, providing greater reach around the globe and strong sales and market presence offering its customers even more effective and efficient solutions.

“Vidcheck’s team and product portfolio line up very well with our area of expertise,” said Dan Castles, CEO of Telestream LLC. Castles continued, “It is not just some great technology and products that we are acquiring but also a gifted, talented and passionate team that will reinforce our resources here at Telestream. We look forward to leveraging our combined know-how to offer our worldwide customer base an even more complete and exciting product portfolio.”

"Telestream is a great home for Vidcheck, technically, commercially and culturally,” commented Thomas Dove, CEO of Vidcheck Ltd. “The companies have complementary technologies which will feed into both product ranges, the most obvious being the perfect fit of Vidchecker auto QC with Vantage.  With Telestream's sales and support reach, Vidchecker will naturally be available to a much wider set of customers, particularly in North America. Being part of Telestream provides a great launch pad for the next phase of growth for Vidcheck."

Vidchecker is the file-based QC solution of choice at many major broadcasters worldwide. Feedback to news of the acquisition from this audience has been strongly positive. One example of this is UK-based commercial broadcaster, ITV. “Vidchecker is a trusted tool that we at ITV use to ensure that the content we create, and receive is of the highest image quality and meets all the required format specifications for our online platform partners and linear broadcast.  With the ever increasing number of formats and standards, we look forward to seeing continued improvements now that Vidcheck has been acquired by Telestream, whose Vantage platform is at the heart of ITV’s Content Delivery Platform,” said David Hornsby Head of Content Technology at ITV.

About Vidcheck and Vidchecker:
Vidcheck provides elegant, advanced software applications to automatically check and correct video and audio in file-based digital video, focusing on the requirements of the broadcast industry, at a cost-effective price.

Vidchecker is an easy to install Windows software application for PCs/servers. It removes the labor intensive tasks of manually checking conformance by eye and hand, the need to check video/audio compliance with waveform monitors and audio loudness meters, and to manually correct levels with video processing amplifiers, and other tools. The GUI is accessed through a web browser either on the local machine or remotely over a network. It is optimized for checking file-based video before and after distribution, and for use by broadcasters for checking files received from post production and content distributors to ensure that file, video and audio parameters and levels are correct and ready for broadcast.

World's First Long Distance NDI IP Video Test

NDI.Cloud - Global Video Network
World's First Long Distance NDI Test

Today, the world of broadcast IP Video got a little smaller, as we witnessed the future of global broadcast video collaboration via IP Video.

In a test of the new NDI.Cloud video service, a feed from an NDICam camera in London was offered to an NDI.Cloud wide area network group including distributor Techtel in Singapore, currently exhibiting at Broadcast Asia, booth 5J3-03.  The NDICam source instantly appeared inside a TriCaster in Singapore, and was selected on the Program Bus.  Simultanously, in London, the outputs of the Singapore TriCaster appeared in NDI Monitor, and a mix minus confidence feed was returned to London. Total round trip latency was under half a second, running over the public internet.

Learn More about NDI.Cloud

NDI.Cloud uses high quality compression and advanced WAN acceleration technologies to bridge between NDI facilities over long distance, moderate bandwidth connections. Adding tools like NewTek's NDI Connect, this global IP video WAN can also include SMPTE 2022 and other IP Video protocols. 

NDI.Cloud will be launched later this summer.
For more information, visit Techtel at Broadcast Asia or

Telestream Gives APAC Debuts to Revolutionary Advances in Enterprise-Class Live Video Streaming, Video Transcoding & Workflow Automation at Broadcast Asia 2016

Exhibiting at Broadcast Asia together with its Singapore channel partner, Techtel, Telestream will showcase Lightspeed Live Stream, and Lightspeed Live Capture, two new applications that deliver real-time, enterprise-class streaming and capture for media and entertainment companies, corporations, government and education. Lightspeed Live Stream solves the problem of preparing real time content for adaptive bitrate live streaming while Lightspeed Live Capture can independently record multiple channels of SD, HD or a single channel of UHD. Both Lightspeed Live Stream and Lightspeed Live Capture were unveiled to the public at NAB last month.

Telestream developed Lightspeed Live Stream in response to increased demand among news, sports, and special event broadcasters to simultaneously push live programs OTT. Lightspeed Live Stream encodes a live program at highest quality and simultaneously streams the output via an origin server or CDN.

The Lightspeed Live Capture application can also be installed on the same server to simultaneously capture the source video into Vantage for further processing. Until now, file-based and siloed systems demanded a more serial workflow. By closely integrating the latest parallel file-based open workflows in Telestream’s Vantage platform together with the combined CPU/GPU power of the Lightspeed Live server and applications, the fastest possible delivery of all assets is realized.

Another new addition to the Vantage platform taking its APAC regional bow at Broadcast Asia is an Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Optimization feature that can significantly reduce delivery bandwidth needs and costs within multiscreen distribution applications. This advanced feature can achieve real-world bandwidth reductions of 25-40 per cent whilst maintaining a premium viewing experience through high quality media distribution.

In the world of multiscreen media delivery, Content Delivery Network (CDN) costs are a significant issue for broadcasters. Whilst traditionally they are used to fixed distribution costs, irrespective of viewing audience, this is not the case when distributing via CDN. These distribution partners charge on a “per-bit, per-viewer” basis, so the more multiscreen viewers, the higher the cost of distribution. Therefore, the ability of a product to produce high quality images at lower bit rates is a major consideration.

Another APAC debut from Telestream at Broadcast Asia is Timed Text Flip within Vantage: a new closed caption and subtitling service that meets even the strictest internet and TV broadcast mandates for captioning and subtitling delivery. Advanced automation capabilities enable content to be processed faster before being seamlessly integrated into existing Vantage workflows.

A fourth innovation from Telestream, which was developed with APAC broadcasters and production facilities in mind is Vantage Open Workflows, which the company developed in response to increased demand amongst news and sports broadcasters for OTT services to support multi-screen media distribution. The goal is to provide the news at the same lightening fast speed across a range of devices outside of traditional TV. Within a file-based workflow this presents a challenge since the core data file must be transcoded into several formats in order to be distributed across this broad and ever increasing range of mobile devices.

Vantage Open Workflows enable the user to start generating output before file input is completed. While the idea of performing actions on a growing file isn’t new, Vantage Open Workflows takes this capability to a new level by enabling multiple Vantage Actions such as Watch/Copy/Flip/Compute to simultaneously be working on a file as it is being ingested. This capability reduces processing time and empowers broadcasters to automatically access content as soon as it starts to enter the file-based workflow and before file ingest is completed. Consequently, the ability to deliver TV broadcasts and multiscreen content simultaneously becomes an achievable, cost-effective task.

“We arrive at Broadcast Asia with a number of strategically important new product innovations that will enable APAC broadcasters and facilities to work more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably within a multiplatform environment,” stated George Boath, VP International Sales, Enterprise Products at Telestream. “These practical, real-world advances enable users to enhance and clearly differentiate their multiplatform OTT services at the same time as creating really significant savings in their operational and content delivery cost structures.”



GB Labs Adopts NewTek NDI for IP Production Workflow

GB Labs, the world’s leading manufacturer of Network Attached Storage (NAS), today announced its adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface (NDI™) standard for IP-based production workflows for its range of high speed, media specific storage. With NDI enabled, their Space product range will be recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled devices and systems connected to a standard Ethernet local area network, exponentially increasing the number of video sources available for live production.

GB Labs’s Space storage range with NDI integrates seamlessly with NewTek’s TriCaster multi-camera video production systems. This allows production directors to pull from multiple data sources at speeds of up to 9,000MB/sec making this the World’s fastest NAS on the market. GB Labs’ storage has feature rich workflow tools built in to its Core operating system making for a compelling workflow.

This new standard for live production IP workflow is bi-directional and backwards compatible with a large number of devices from top manufacturers already utilizing NewTek’s open protocol allowing IP connectivity between devices. GB Labs’s Space storage range will be part of the NewTek Developer Network, the industry’s largest ecosystem of IP-enabled products using the same standard.

The broadcast industry has been shouting out for an IP workflow solution” said Ben Pearce, Vice President of GB Labs. “GB Labs are delighted to be involved with NewTek’s NDI Developer Network as they lead the way in IP workflow solutions.”

IP workflows look to revolutionize video production,” said Michael Kornet, executive vice president of Business Development for NewTek. “GB Labs is highly respected both at NewTek and within the industry. By GB Labs enthusiastically embracing NDI, best-of-breed products like Space will help make NDI the most widely adopted IP standard on the market that’s working and in the hands of customers today.”

NDI is now available as a royalty free software developer kit (SDK) for any company looking to establish IP workflows within their organization, or in production tools and systems they manufacture.

For more information on NDI, visit

NewTek™ Announces TalkShow® VS 4000 Multi-Channel Video Calling System

—Handles up to 4 remote video guests simultaneously or in sequence using SDI or IP workflows—

SAN ANTONIO, April 14, 2016 — NewTek™ today launched NewTek TalkShow® VS 4000, the only professional, multi-channel video calling production system for both SDI and IP workflows, designed exclusively for conducting multiple live, production-ready Skype video calls simultaneously. NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 integrates multi-channel video calling to enable instant connection and live interaction with any combination or sequence of contacts in the world you can reach online via Skype to facilitate compelling conversation and in-depth discussion between multiple remote guests in real time regardless of location. TalkShow VS 4000 takes advantage of the newly released Skype TX 4 from Microsoft. More flexible and scalable than its predecessor, Skype TX 4 offers broadcasters and media partners the ability to integrate multiple studio-grade Skype video calls into the broadcasting workflow.

  newtek TALkshow    vs 4000

newtek TALkshow  vs 4000

“Incorporating multiple remote video guests into a production typically required broadcasters and media organizations to consume valuable time, effort and resources coordinating the travel or technology,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek. “With NewTek TalkShow VS 4000, they can integrate Skype video calls with any combination of contacts they can reach online, simultaneously or in sequence, for compelling live conversation, expert analysis, real-time commentary and in-depth discussion—in distraction-free, broadcast-quality HD.”

“Reducing the control room footprint, saving costs and finding better ways for broadcasters and media partners to interact with their audiences are common goals we set with NewTek,” said Eugene Ho, partner director of Product Management for Skype. “We met these goals with Skype TX 4, in combination with the NewTek TalkShow VS 4000, a flexible and scalable solution that offers the ability to stream multiple studio-grade Skype video calls simultaneously. This makes it even easier for broadcasters to interact in real-time with over 300 million Skype users wherever they are, with whatever device they choose.”

TalkShow VS 4000 is a facility-class, 1RU rack mountable hardware unit with 4-in, 4-out industry-standard I/O for integration into SDI workflows and IP video workflows via NDI™, NewTek’s groundbreaking Network Device Interface technology. It features standalone call control and production control interfaces for independent call management and technical configuration. Comprehensive, behind-the-scenes video, audio, communication and monitoring capabilities are included. Additionally, bundled with TalkShow VS 4000 is NewTek’s Webserver app for remote viewing of NDI sources from a web browser of any networked device, including iOS and Android devices.

Skype TX 4 is optimized to minimize distractions so producers can focus on great interviews with clean, full-resolution HD video. TalkShow VS 4000 adds functionality comparable to what professional broadcasters are familiar and comfortable with like proc amp, white balance, advanced color configuration and automatic color correction, gain, graphic equalizer, compressor/limiter and noise gate controls.

TalkShow VS 4000 helps broadcasters and media organizations achieve direct access to expertise so viewers will turn to them for information, which grows viewership, which grows business. The immediacy of expertise makes them a credible, reliable trusted source that is quoted and credited.

GB Labs and DFT demonstrate latest NAS storage solution for Scanity HDR at NAB 2016

Digital Film Technology (DFT) has been at the forefront of film scanning technology for over 75 years providing solutions for film post production, archive and restoration markets with a range of high quality, leading edge products and services. Their film scanning process requires powerful media storage, which is traditionally achieved using Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions. Working closely with GB Labs, an alternative solution, Network Attached Storage (NAS) is now available for the first time on Scanity HDR.

Film scanning to modern file formats such as 2K and 4K DPX  puts media storage through its paces. Consistent and extreme performance is required to ensure files are ingested without any corruption or dropped frames. The choice of suitable storage has been limited predominantly to traditional SAN solutions, but now, with the availability of GB Labs’ new system, customers can choose between two alternatives – either traditional SAN or latest NAS. Traditionally, DFT had recommended Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions to their clients, as the only option able to handle the massive data streams needed by their Scanity HDR product.

However, the new range of NAS solutions from GB Labs offers a solution which is easier to install, set up and implement. The solutions are very fast and can work with third party applications without the need for expensive client software licences.

GB Labs’ NAS range of Space media storage represents 15 years of storage innovation in the media industry. They are renowned for pushing the boundaries of storage innovation where others have failed. The Space storage range empowers creative workflows worldwide and GB Labs provide solutions to some of the best-known names in media and entertainment.

DFT’s Scanity HDR can output huge 16 bit file sizes in either 4K TIFF or DPX whilst scanning. Following extensive testing, GB Labs’ Space SSD solution is an ideal match for Scanity HDR, and is capable of speeds of up to 9,000Mbytes/sec, more than enough to make Scanity HDR run at its optimum performance. What is more, if additional capacity or performance for a project is required, the SSD is easily expandable and further performance is quickly achievable by adding GB Labs HyperSpace product. Because Space SDD is compact, it can be housed within the Scanity HDR casing, and can be purchased together as a turnkey solution from DFT if required.


Both DFT and GB Labs will be attending this year’s NAB in Las Vegas. You can see Scanity HDR running with Space SSD and scanning 4K DPX files for yourself in the South Lower Hall on stand number SL10530.

Alternatively, if you would like to see what else the GB Labs range of NAS media storage could do for you, please visit; also in the South Lower Hall on stand  SL5517.