File-based Audio Processing for Broadcast, Post and Playout

Solving ever expanding audio processing requirements with Emotion Systems Engine and Telestream Vantage

Content distribution, broadcast and post have increasingly complex audio requirements and need multiple versions. Using Engine to process audio in conjunction with Vantage dramatically increases the productivity and return on investment of your Vantage system. Versioning can be automated; making the process repeatable and increasing efficiency by 10x, 20x or better.

Loudness compliance and multiple versioning of media is changing the way that content distributors, broadcasters and post facilities deal with audio processing. Increased audio processing needs have unfolded due to the explosion of media distribution requirements. Cost effective, automated audio processing solutions are required to meet these new needs.

While Telestream Vantage satisfies the need for video transcoding, additional audio processing requirements are often present. Engine from Emotion Systems provides additional capability and flexibility for new audio processing requirements.

The Business Case: Cost Effective, Automatable, Comprehensive

Using Engine to process audio in conjunction with Vantage dramatically increases the productivity and return on investment of your Vantage system. 

If you’re already using Telestream Vantage for your video versioning workflow, you may find there are audio processing requirements that are not available within the Vantage system.  When that happens, you have the choice of going back to an edit suite, which is costly and time consuming, or using Engine from Emotion Systems, which is flexible, efficient and easy to use.

Use Cases

Different workflows may be required for different clients. Content from one client may need processing for Loudness, Dolby E encoding, Trackmapping while another client may need Language versioning, replacing language and loudness compliance. Upsampling is often needed for Archive workflows, while downsampling to a stereo only feed is often needed when processing HD content for online delivery. Emotion Systems allows the Telestream to enable any of those workflows via the connector by simply calling up a workflow profile. 

Engine workflow with Vantage.png

This example is typical of a language replacement workflow. You might have a file with English on tracks 1&2, French on 3&4, and you have been supplied with a German language WAV. This workflow will replace the French track with the German track. Note that this can be carried out in conjunction with all other eNGINE features if required. For example, this next workflow shows eNGINE performing Loudness Compliance on he original tracks 1&2 as well as the replaced 3&4, followed by Dolby E encoding and then track replication.

Signal Processing Modules

Any of the Engine processing modules can be used together to create the required workflow. Instead of using scripts, Engine has a very simple user interface that allows you to create workflows in minutes. You can create as many workflows as you like. Within Vantage, you can use the Connector to communicate with Engine and find out which workflows are available, and then make your workflow selection.

Control System

Engine has a very flexible control system. In addition to integrating to the Telestream connector, Engine also allows single user operation whereby an operator can set up a workflow and execute it one file at a time. Engine also allows for multiple users to share the resource through an application called eClient. eClient allows multiple edit suites, for example, to share a single Engine. Another approach is to use multiple watchfolders; each watchfolder could be set up to execute a particular workflow. The users can then post jobs into those watchfolders. Engine can also be controlled from its API by an external device. The Telestream connector has been designed to utilize the Engine API.

About Emotion Systems

The idea that what people did with tapes, they now want to do with files, has driven the development of technology at Emotion Systems. Products from Emotion Systems solve audio signal processing requirements in file-based workflows in broadcast, post and playout environments all over the world. The company provides high levels of engineering, fast and easy to use manual and automatable tools for maximum operational efficiency, and scalable toolsets for processing very high volumes of media.