TSL manufactures high quality broadcast equipment which include audio monitoring systems, UMD and Tally systems, Power manager for Electrical distribution and even custom-made systems products. Many of TSL professional broadcast products were originally developed out of the need to fill the "missing link" , a result of TSL's experience in day to day systems integration work and unique approach to meet every customer's diverse needs.

Audio Monitoring Soutions

TSL has the widest range of rack-mounted audiomonitoring products. The evolution of TSL’s audio monitoring products has closely mirrored industry trends and expectations over the last 20 years. From analogue origins to HD/SDI and from moving coil meters to hi-resolution digital bargraphs, TSL is able to provide the solutions that the broadcast industry has demanded.

UMD & Tally Systems 

A TSL TallyMan UMD and tally system takes tally management to a new level of functionality. With the increasing scale and complexity of operations such as outside broadcasts, the TallyMan system offers the flexibility needed in modern day Tally management. In addition to controlling TSL’s industry standard range of Under Monitor Displays, TallyMan is also compatible with a wide range of other broadcast products.

Power Manager For Mains Distribution

The Power Management range of mains distribution units from TSL have been designed to offer the full flexibility required by technical operators in leading broadcast applications. From the Power Standard unit which provides 14 fused IEC outlets at superior density to the Power Manager unit which offers full SNMP alarm monitoring plus a host of other features including sixteen GPI inputs for the remote management of non-networked rack hardware.