GB Labs launches intuitive "Easy LTO" range

GB Labs presents EASY LTO

IT organizations are facing an incredible challenge keeping up with their company's storage growth demands. Enterprise Strategy Group in their 2015 Data Storage Market Trends report found that 53% of respondents at the organizations they surveyed are experiencing annual storage growth rates of 10%-40% and 25% are dealing with astronomical numbers in excess of 50% growth. Advanced LTO-7 tape technology allows you to handle even the toughest challenges of long term storage with 15TB of compressed data and 6TB uncompressed digital data per cartridge, however most locally attached LTO’s are not a shared resource and are incapable of being used over a network.

Easy LTO

Introducing EASY LTO from GB Labs, the network attached all in one backup and archiving solution designed for everybody. Incredibly intuitive, EASY LTO supports accelerated throughput at 300 Mbps and advanced security with the inclusion of TAR and LTFS and the ability to exchange files with any other standard LTO system. 

Already using LTO, but want to work with Easy LTO? There’s even built-in support for importing entire catalogs from third party vendors, so migrating from your old system to Easy LTO is a breeze. GB Labs Snapshot backup is built-in and allows you to keep an ongoing automated backup of your most important systems. Create a backup tape set and add tapes without limit. Handling storage growth demands of 20%, 30%, 50% and more are all manageable. Time to take control of your company’s long term storage demands with EASY LTO by GB Labs.


GB Labs presents Easy LTO Easy LTO Key Features :-

Advanced LTO Manager Software
LTFS and TAR Intergration
Support for LTO6 and LTO7
8TB to 30TB of Internal Data Storage Option
Dual 10Gb/1gb Ethernet Connection


About GB Labs

From Archive to Online Storage, GB Labs is the leader in Video Shared Storage innovation for the media and entertainment industry with groundbreaking products like our unique hybrid disk technologies (Hyperspace & Nitro) we apply decades of industry experience and outperform all competitors. Let us prove it. Trusted and used by Reuters, Sony Pictures, Formula E, BBC, Nissan and many more organisations, GB Labs is known for safe, secure, reliable, a ordable and most importantly FAST products that allow you to work at the speed of creation. To do your best work you need technology that doesn’t get in the way. Technology that supercharges your efforts and safeguards